From "do" agile to "be" agile - the path to agile adolescence


Whenever referring to an agile transformation, we usually consider the change from a waterfall approach to an agile one. This is the true story of an organization that was already following an agile approach but wanted to level up their maturity. The initial consideration was that standardized methods should be explored and ways to scale should be set in practice. At the end of this journey, the organization ended up not in a that different state from the initial. However their maturity level when it comes to agile mindset had increased significantly based on the lessons learnt through this journey. This presentation will show what was realized during this journey and how to go to the next level of agile approach, regardless of methods and tools.

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
- What is the goal of an agile transformation? Define what you are trying to achieve or problem to solve before you begin your journey to the agile world

- How methods and tools could help me in becoming more Agile? Level set the expectations of what tools and methods can offer and identify the true essence of being agile

- When an agile transformation ends? An agile transformation is not a project that is expected to end. The transformation is from "following a plan" to "embracing the change" and the change is continuous

Vortragssprache: Englisch
Level: Einsteiger
Zielgruppe: QA/ DEV Engineers, QA/DEV Managers, Everyone in the search of better software delivery


Vorgetragen von:
Sakis Ladopoulos

Sakis Ladopoulos