Wie haben wir unser Test Management Tool definiert und getestet


The test management tools we used so far did not provide the flexibility for different customer projects and their internal processes.
We finally built our own Test Management Tool using the A12 low-code framework.

Using our Quality Landscape we set up quality measures in the development team and accompanied it with user-centric acceptance tests and End-2-end tests.

To avoid the maintenance trap on automated tests we used our A12 UI Automated Test Automation Tool (ATA). The ATA reads the A12 data and UI models to generate the test automation. The test developer only defines the flow through the application pages. This allows us to automate early despite many changes.

We integrated mgm’s ATLAS security scan into our tool’s build pipeline so that critical issues are reported for review.
Load and performance tests focus on the components added by the development team.

Final tests are the user acceptance tests and the penetration test.

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Dr. Martin Varendorff

Dr. Martin Varendorff