Communicate efficiently with Software Architecture Diagrams


The ultimate goal of any software is to offer a great experience to its users. User interfaces and workflows must be clear, self-explanatory, and appealing.


Software documentation should have a similar goal. Comprehensive diagrams that visualize ideas and concepts clearly are mandatory to do that. If you communicate solely via text (written or spoken) people will lose focus quickly and have a hard time remembering your thoughts.


I am going to show how to create beautiful diagrams with the right level of detail, to communicate efficiently with other software professionals and stakeholders.

Nutzen für den Teilnehmer:
The audience will be reminded that communication within teams needs to be unambiguous, clear, and concise.

Furthermore, they will discover how simple it is to substitute lengthy text paragraphs with concise software architecture diagrams that are not only easy to understand but also quick to create and maintain.

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
The talk begins by defining the problem: Communication is challenging. While text is effective for conveying raw information, our brains process and retain visual information far better than textual (written or spoken) content.

Going through lengthy paragraphs of unclear software documentation to extract key details is tedious. Diagrams provide a solution, making documentation clearer and more valuable, justifying the time spent on its creation.

Vortragssprache: Englisch
Level: Fortgeschrittene
Zielgruppe: Software Developers, Software Architects

Lasssim - Software Architecture and Development Consulting

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DI(FH) Simon Lasselsberger

DI(FH) Simon Lasselsberger