Customer escalation management

What is the most important benefit of a good product quality? It’s happiness of customers. But what can we do if a customer is not satisfied with product quality? And an escalation has been initiated. In this case we need to extinguish this fire asap. But after the fire ends we would better do our best and add a firebreaker and a smoke detector to avoid the fire in future.

The severity of an escalation depends. It may start by a phrase on the meeting or it may be caused by the system crash incident. The latter has the worst consequences because it entails a loss of money.

It would be great if we knew what to do in each particular case.

For several years I have been UAT manager on different projects with internal and external customers. In my speech I want to share some tips and tricks.

Value for the audience:
Acceptance testing hides a lot of tricky questions behind the curtain. The audience will understand:
how to get ready for the user acceptance testing phase
how to deal with real customer during acceptance testing phase
how improve the product quality based on customer needs and feedback
I have been working as an on-site UAT manager for several years and I will be happy to share my experience and initiate a discussion about common issues we faced when working on-site.

Problems addressed:
How can we put negative customer’s feedback into a constructive track?

How can we work together with our customers to improve the product?

How customer escalations can be prevented?

Presented by: Sergei Zhuk
Company: Shopify Inc.

Talk language: English
Level: Advanced
Target group: QA Lead, Test Manager, QA Engineer. Everyone who works with face to face customer service.

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