Go big or go home - The beauty of the Monolith


There probably has not been a bigger buzzword creating waves in development circles quite as the idea of Microservices did over the last 10 years. Netflix somehow made this work and now every ambitious developer is slaying perfectly good monoliths into tiny pieces just to catch a ride on the bandwagon. In his talk, Philipp will explain why Microservices will neither magically erase architecture flaws nor increase the amount of work packages that can be done in parallel. Contrary, the concept rather serves as a catalyst amplifying many of the problems developers were hoping to get rid of. While inexplicably gone out of fashion, Philipp will explain why the monolith still has its right to exist to this day. As Public Enemy said it best back then in 1988: "Don't Believe the Hype".

Nutzen für den Teilnehmer:
Listeners will learn how to do Microservices the right way and which advantages Monoliths have compared to the former. Additionally, they will be able to critically assess, which style of architecture (Microservices or Monoliths) are better suited for which projects and why. Also, they will generally be better able to question industry standards and stick to own qualified decisions in terms of their technology choices.

Behandelte Problemstellungen:
Microservices are generally advertised to solve certain problems when working across multiple teams on big architecture enterprises (e.g. clear responsibilities, independence, shorter time-to-market), however they often only make matters worse.

Vortragssprache: Englisch
Level: Fortgeschrittene
Zielgruppe: Developer, Architects, QA

Posedio GmbH

Vorgetragen von:
Philipp Seifert-Kehrer

Philipp Seifert-Kehrer