Do you want your submitted paper to be accepted by the committee?

Listed below you´ll find some tips you may consider in order to increase the acceptance probability of your submission.


  • Read our detailed Submission Conditions.
  • Presentation with a strong orientation on the key-subject of the conference will be preferred.
  • Practical presentations with a co-lecturer from a customer organization will be preferred.
  • Presentations with an advanced or expert level will be preferred.
  • Focussed methodology-presentations, presentations with deeper insight or special topics will be preferred before general presentations. E.g. "Introduction in Agile Methodologies" will be lower rated than "The Role of the Product Owner in Scrum".
  • Lecturers which got a good rating and feedback on previous presentations at the Software Quality Days will be preferred.
  • Lecturers who attend the Software Quality Days for the first time will be preferred.
  • Presentations of tool-vendors will not be accepted, if the own tool oder parts of the tool will be presented.
  • Lecturers with a broad experience in presenting (e.g. at other conferences) will be preferred.
  • Presentations that are focussed on tools will be lower rated.
  • Submissions that lack significant informative parts (e.g. problem statement, questions to the participants, author's biography, etc.) are rated lower.
  • We want to present a diversified program to the participants of the conference. Thus presentations, that were held before the upcoming Software Quality Days at a similar oriented conference in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, will be lower rated.

File formats / equipment

The following equipment will be available for your presentation

  • Laptop (Windows 10)

  • Projector (with HDMI connection)

  • Wireless microphone with handheld transmitter or headset (in the larger rooms)

  • USB presenter with laser pointer

If you want to give a presentation with your own laptop, you will need to bring an appropriate adapter to HDMI if necessary. Otherwise, please have the presentation ready via USB stick, we will then transfer it to the presentation laptop.

The following equipment will be available for your workshop

  • Beamer (with HDMI)
  • USB presenter with laser pointer
  • 1 Flipchart
  • 1 Presentation Case

The following file formats are accepted

  • .ppsx - PowerPoint 2007 to 2019 presentation
  • .pdf - Adobe PDF presentation
  • .avi - Audio Video Interleave
  • .wmv - Windows Media Video.
  • .mp4 - MPEG-4


Other file formats must be clarified with the organisation committee.

The screens are designed for 16:9 format presentations - please ensure your presentation is prepared accordingly.

Fonts that are not integrated in Microsoft Windows 10 or Office 2016/2019 by default must be provided by the lecturer or embedded in the presentation. Otherwise the format can be changed unpleasantly.

Your presentation as PDF for download

Your presentation will be available for download for attendees after the conference.

Please provide your presentation PDF by April 24th, 2024.
To do this, use the UPLOAD option under "My Submissions".

Tips for Speakers