Europe's leading conference for software quality throughout the software lifecycle -  May 20th - 22nd, 2025 in Munich!

6 tracks - practical, scientific 

On 6 tracks we present you application-oriented experiences and lectures, as well as contributions with a high scientific content and degree of innovation!

The target group

Software process and quality managers, managers of software organizations, product managers, IT managers, development managers, application managers, project managers, release managers, roll-out and operations managers, support managers, test managers, testers, developers, architects, designers, usability managers, security Those responsible, those responsible for tenders and people with similar functions both on the software manufacturer side and on the user side.

Other topics of the conference are: 

  • Requirements engineering and management
  • Testing (methods, automation, tools)
  • Project management and controlling
  • Architecture and design
  • Product and release management
  • Change management
  • Software quality management
  • Process models and optimization
  • Application life cycle management
  • Lean and agile methods
  • Cost estimate
  • Version and configuration management
  • Automation
  • Software Validation
  • Risk management
  • Coding (code quality, maintainability)
  • Software management
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Delivery, operation and maintenance
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Process and product certifications
  • Standards & Norms
  • Data quality
  • Cloud, BigData, SaaS
  • Quality in ERP projects and standard software
  • Mobile
  • Social aspects
  • Utility and economy
  • Organization, roles and job descriptions

Software Quality Days