"RESPECT! Respect is the oxygen for the social elements."

Indispensable for social interaction, but not a matter of course in the atmosphere - invisible to the eye and yet essential for survival: Respect releases a lot of energy. It makes companies more successful and people demonstrably healthier.

On the other hand, many people complain about a lack of respect. How does that fit together? One of the greatest human needs is to be recognized. Anyone who understands this and translates it into behavior has a decisive advantage.



René Borbonus developed his rhetorical backbone early on, carefully laid the methodological foundation and gained extensive practice as a lecturer and wedding speaker. He expanded his knowledge as a rhetoric trainer for a parliamentary group and as a personal speech mentor for well-known personalities. He convinced with pointed columns in the magazine Business-Punk and shared his expertise as a member of the Kniggerat.

René Borbonus is a speaker, author and specialist in professional communication, presentation and rhetoric. His latest book, "I'm counting to three now!", became a Spiegel non-fiction bestseller shortly after it was published. The audience of his lectures and the participants of his training love the masterly combination of specialist knowledge and practical relevance, objectivity and commitment, wit and charisma.

The Communico training academy, founded in 2000, is one of the most sought-after institutes in Germany. Since 2021, the training courses have been taking place in René Borbonus' own seminar house "Lichtung an der Pegnitz". She is the local spirit of what drives and distinguishes him. Here you will find excellence and hospitality, lively togetherness and concentrated depth, creative development and perfect enjoyment. From the beginning.

Keynote: René Borbonus (DE)