Common Cloud Migration Pain Points and how to overcome them - based on practical Experience

Short description

There are different obstacles and challenges which you’re facing when starting almost from scratch with the cloud migration of your application. They are related to architectural aspects: what about the structure, what about the components, which have to be provisioned and hosted in the cloud? Which services of the cloud provider should be used: e.g.: Serverless services or a Kubernetes service?

They are related to technical issues - probably common mistakes: inappropriate deployment rules of workloads, scheduling problems of Kubernetes pods...

They can be referred to financial aspects: what costs arise by hosting the application in the cloud? How can they get monitored, respectivelly estimated?

We'd like to reveal our approaches to overcome those issues, based on practical experience.

Value for the audience:
We are going to reveal obstacles, which we faced during our cloud migration journey - based on a real implementation for a customer project.
Those are related to architectural, financial and technical aspects.

Problems addressed:
Choosing the right Cloud Migration Strategy: The first thing which you are facing before starting any kind of implementation. Do you go for e.g.: Refactoring/Rebuild or for Lift & Shift. It's a tricky decision - how did we handle that?

Starting with a too complex implementation: Probably many cloud migration projects fail due to a too complex implementation in the beginning. We'd like to explain why having a more "lightweight" approach can help.

Cost Management: When starting the migration, you don't kow anything about the costs, which are getting allocated during hosting the resources. We'd like to reveal how we estimated the costs and how do we monitor them

Talk language: English
Level: Advanced
Target group: DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, Product Owner, Product Manager, Content Manager, DevOps/Cloud Architect

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Presented by:
Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Koch

Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Koch